Top holistic dog foods


As humans over the last few years there has been a bigger and bigger movement to go with more organic and holistic foods.  Some argue that these foods are better for you to fuel your body with.  Others just make the claim that they are better for the environment, which ends up helping you anyway.  But what of Fido?  If you are investigating your food to ensure it is full of the good stuff your body needs to function at top capacity, why would you feed your dog meat by product and wheat pulp?

Luckily there are a number of companies that make a holistic dog food.  Now to be sure these won’t be the cheapest bags of kibble for your pup to chow down on.  Some will even need to be refrigerated to keep them fresh which will lead to a more limited shelf life.  You will have to make the choice of what is right for your budget and your dog.  I have however highlighted a few companies to look into if you are searching for something a bit more holistic for your canine companion.

The first company that we will take a look at is Castor & Pollux Pet Works.  This company puts out a range of products for both dogs and cats.  You might have to look for the brand ORGANIX to find their food and treat offerings or you could hunt for Natural Ultramix foods.  Either would come from the brand and offer great eats to your animal as well as supporting a number of charities.

For another option take a look at the foods from Caniade.  They offer both canned and dry food with the promise of only using top quality, human grade products in FDA approved facilities.  It then goes without saying that there are no fillers or by products but also no soy, corn or wheat included in their foods.  They cost a little bit more, but they hold themselves to quite the high standard.

The final company that we will highlight is Weruva. This company started from a cat.  A family adopted a cat and looked for good wholesome food for it.  After finding no good choices they decided that they wouldn’t compromise, but they would start their own company.  Currently they are only offering canned foods, but they have lines for both dogs and cats.  This is another company that uses only human grade whole food sources to ensure the best for your four footed friends.

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