Dog Food for Small Dogs


Your small dogs are unique and therefore, they need exclusive foods to help them behave and act in their best possible ways. These diets are specially prepared to help them remain healthy and active. Dogs need different categories of food nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which you can get from foods like grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and others. Do you think dogs are completely carnivores as many people believed? Dogs are not fully carnivorous animals; they can eat different categories of food as mentioned.

However, many people prefer to feed their foods with commercial foods, which contain all the nutrients needed by the dog for good health and development, while others prefer to prepare their dog’s foods in their homes. Whichever pattern of feeding you prefer, either feeding with commercial dog foods or homemade dog food prepared by you, it is advisable to consult your veterinary doctor before making a choice. This is because the dogs have different nutritional needs according to their ages, health problems, and breeds, which makes the foods they will be eating very different from others. Therefore, the type and quality of foods you give to them matters so much.  Small dogs need more calories per pound than large dogs do.

Do you know that small breed dogs live much longer than larger dogs do? That is why the type and quality of foods consumed by both dogs differ from the other. Antioxidants in their foods help to prevent free radicals that have the potential of damaging and shortening their life span.

How to determine a good food for your small dog

If you want to be feeding, your small dogs with commercial dogs’ foods and you want to maintain their health and enhance their life span; here are a few steps to take:

  1. On the food pack, there is a tag with the inscription “complete and balanced”. This brand of dog foods contains the optimum amount of nutrients needed for their overall health, growth, and development. This will also ensure they maintain and enhance longevity.
  2. Examine the life stages of the dogs required to consume the foods. The life stages of these dogs are the puppy stage, adult stage, and other life stages of the dogs. That means you should consider the relative and appropriate life stages of dogs that should consume particular brand of foods. This is important in order to ensure good health and nutritionally satisfied dogs.
  3. Check the nutrients for any allergens that may affect the health of your dogs. Moreover, examining the life stages will prevent your small dogs from eating foods that contain substances allergic to their health.

Here is a list of good foods that will nourish your dogs:

  1. Taste of the wild (wet food)
  2. Acana regional dog food (dry food)
  3. Holistic select dog food (dry food)
  4. Merrick grain free dog food (dry food)
  5. Wellness core dog food (dry food)
  6. Horizon legacy dog food (dry food)
  7. Pinnacle peak protein formula dog food (dry food)

One of the best of these foods made for your dogs is called “taste of the wild”. It has qualitative ingredients to nourish your small dogs. The only problem is that it is very expensive. Nevertheless, if you can afford it, then go ahead and take care of your small dogs.

Interestingly, you only need to consult your veterinarian in order to be sure of the food suitable for your small dogs.


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