Best dry dog foods


Everyone loves our four footed friends.  They provide so many benefits to our lives, from companionship and protection to always being ready to listen when we rant.  They often help their owners to get exercise and go out to enjoy the fresh air as well.  And with all that they do for us, shouldn’t we do our best to take care of them as well.  Yes, as a pet owner you provide them with a place to sleep, shelter and food.  But what is in that food?  Over the past few years we have gotten more interested in where our food comes from and what goes into it, shouldn’t we do the same for dogs?  Go over and look at your dog’s dry dog food.  What is the first ingredient?  Is that what your dog should be eating?

Many times we will just buy whatever is the cheapest for our dogs.  Others will get the most expensive, thinking that it is clearly the best choice and has what your dog needs.  But neither option is the best way to go about it.  We need to do some research and figure out what our dog actually needs so that we can determine what the best dry dog food is.  First we need to consider our dog’s teeth.  They are shaped that way, all sharp and pointy to eat meat.  While a dog can survive on plant based foods, thousands of years have shaped the dog for meat consumption.  It’s best to not forget that when it comes time for having something to eat.

So how do you track down the best?  The companies don’t make it easy.  Almost any dog food can be labeled “premium” and “all natural” mostly because those words don’t really have any real definition when it comes to labeling.  They sound great when it is time to buy, but they don’t necessarily meet that image that you have in your mind. So what should you look to avoid in dog foods, you don’t want the ingredient list to list “meat” or “meat by-product”.  Also you don’t want it to list onion, avocado, grapes or garlic.  Anything that is listed as a “pulp” is a red flag as well.

Take a look at the list of ingredients on the food you are looking at, a meat should be the first thing listed, but it should tell you what kind, such as chicken, fish, beef, liver or the like.  There may be some grains listed but look for oats and quinoa as they are good whole grains.  Additionally sweet potatoes, peas and carrots are good vegetables to see listed.

So which are the best.  I’ll give you a few company names and let you pick what you like from them.  If you stick with companies like Stella & Chewy’s, Wysong, ACANA and Nature’s Logic you won’t go wrong.  There are other companies that will get you a great dry dog food, but these are the ones that I like.  All of them have a website or a bit of searching will yield a location to select some food.

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